DIY Minecraft Party

IMG_7194The first thing I did was select  where to set up. Since I was having a background, I needed something to hang it from. (I’ve seen this on a website done directly on a wall) These columns on my front porch worked out perfect!

IMG_6975You can either buy a cardboard or use and old box from your garage (mine even had a water stain lol)

IMG_6976You will also need about a pack (20) of square paper plates in each of these three colors. Lay out your design first before gluing it together in case you make a mistake. I didn’t, so I kind of had to improvise and cut some of my plates in order for it to workout.



For the TNT boxes, I used Twizzlers (also found this idea on a site) put them on a clear box (from Michaels) and printed the labels. You can get the font free. It’s called Mine Crafter 3. You can use the font for any other label you want to print for the party to keep the theme going.IMG_6980


For the gold I used chocolates in gold wrappers and placed them on plastic bowl (from Party city) with a picture of Minecraft gold I printed.IMG_7207


To make the characters, I printed these from this site. Cut each piece and had them enlarged 300% (is a good size and cost effective, if you go larger each copy is about $4) Fold them and glue flaps. Hint: put a little rice inside the legs so the wind doesn’t knock them down.


The Cake was made out of fondant and the “water” decor is candy covered chocolate ( party city)placed of tinny cups.

IMG_6978The only things I was able to find were these Minecraft T-shirts at Target so every guest got one (all 8 of them, the guest list was limited to the boys in his class, his cousin on the left and his little bro seen in this pic) the birthday boy got a different color to make his day extra special!!!!! Happy Birthday Rami!


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