Girls Just wanna have fun….. Aquaree Swimwear

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Welcome to Aquaree

!Aquaree is a children’s swimwear brand built for fun, trendy and fashionable kids. With the concept of unique designs, quality swimwear, and chic beach life style Aquaree was born.

The swimwear are beautifully designed with a sophisticated balance of function, style and flawless fits to make everyone feel sweet and comfy yet fashionable and cool.

Don’t forget to smile!

Black and White

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My Black and White Birthday Lunch

I wanted to share with you this idea I had for my birthday. I’ve been obsessed with black and white lately, so I mixed it up with a little Chanel and a touch of gold and pink. I rented some tables and chairs and made the stripped runner out of fabric from Ikea. For napkins, I cut some cool romantic off white fabric ( I found at Joann’s) into rectangles and added ribbon and flowers for that Chanel feel. Another Chanel touch was one of the cakes, made very simple with a sugar flower on top and the Chanel symbol. To add some color y mixed off white roses with gold and pink ones. I hope you like it!!!